Seamless.AI has been an incredible resource for my workflow in marketing analytics.
One of my ongoing projects involves the analysis of post-meeting/ conference lead lists. Part of the project includes cleaning up the data and adding missing information before before the sales team gains access.
One function that would greatly enhance my workflow would be to have reverse email search capabilities built into the Seamless.AI system. Our CRM is designed to skip and/or not connect a new lead and company if the lead only provides a generic email address (i.e. gmail, yahoo, etc.).
I'm excellent at putting on the Sherlock hat and digging down until I find the information I'm looking for. However, this obviously takes up way too much time and ultimately results in skipping potential leads.
So--if Seamless.AI added a reverse email search component (either by Keyword or a new field altogether), that would be so very helpful!
Thank you -