When I search a list of companies that i've uploaded into the platform (example below is vineyards) I made sure that I collected the website URL for each, so it would be easy to ensure we find the right contacts. Once you select find there are two issues, the first is the exact search is auto on, which results in not being able to see any contacts if the name doesn't match exactly to what their domain is. But the more impactful problem here is that the filter for companies or websites doesn't pull in the URL for the company, but rather just the name. Can you guys override this? If you have the domain this is going to be way more accurate than the company name.
Currently my workflow right now is that I select a company, see no contacts because its trying to match the name. After that I need to un check the exact search and then I'll see people from the correct company, but often times people from other unrelated companies as well. Can you help fix this? The domain search would be super powerful.